Jewelry Welding Machine

Jewelry Spot Welding  System

Laser welding machine advantages and application:

Laser welding is a new way of welding, laser welding thin wall materials, precision mainly aimed at the welding parts, may realize the spot welding, butt welding, stir welding, seal welding, its characteristics are:

1: High wide than deep, weld width is small, heat affected zone small, little deformation, welding speed.

2: Weld level off, beautiful, welding not processing or just simple processing process.

Welding quality high, no vent, which can reduce and optimize the mother material impurities, organizations can constitute after welding the weld strength, toughness at least equal to or even more than the base metal. 3: Accurate control, focus on the small points of light, high precision positioning, easy to realize automation. Can achieve some of the welding between dissimilar material.

4: Laser welding can be applied in titanium, nickel, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver and so on many kinds of metals and their alloys, and steel, can cut alloy etc of the same kind of material between the alloy welding, also can be used in brass-copper, low carbon steel, copper and so on many kinds of dissimilar metal welding between.

5: Widely used in jewelry accessories, electronic components, glasses clocks and watches, hardware, precision equipment, medical equipment, auto parts, gifts and crafts, etc.

Observation system:

The microscope observation system magnification: 17.5 X. + word cursor center and laser flare center aligned (user can adjust). With high-speed electronic filter light protection device, protect the eyes will not be laser damage operator, relieve eye operator fatigue, improve work efficiency, according to the requirements hd CCD monitoring system.

Control system:

Exclusive by micro-computer control, including all of the functions of ordinary computers, and its stability and anti-jamming ability is far better than the industry products (the more general factory is poor performance low cost of MCU). The large screen with high definition LCD screen, software interface can choose pure English interface,  or any other designated language, convenient operation personnel countries all over the world. Interface simple and easy to understand. Real-time automatic save operation parameters, facilitate work continuously. Adopt double closed loop control precision, to ensure that each solder joint energy uniform.



Laser device match 7 * 145 mm laser rod
Light path system 100mm focusing mirror 2-4 times protect the beam splitter
Display Positioning System microscope
Spot adjustment manual
Gas protection argon protection
Cooling system 1P circulating cooling water in the refrigerator
Apply range repair the gold and silver jewelry, inlays



Technology parameter:



Maximum laser power (W) 200
Laser wavelength (um) 1.064
Laser welding range (mm) 100-130
Laser welding length(mm) 0.1-4.0
Pulse width(ms) 0.5-20
Spot size(mm) 0.2-2
Total power(KW) 7
Power require single phase Single phase 220 ±15% VAC 50Hz 20A above
Voltage adjustment range(VDC) 100-400
Maximum pulse current(A) 400
Water pressure protection(Mpa) <0.025
Cooling water temperature(°C) <35
Water temperature protection(°C) 45
Cooling water flow(L/min) 10



Installation conditions and consumables:

220 V ± 15% frequency 60 HZ AC, provide more than 20 A current.Environment: clean no dust or dirt less, temperature: 55°F (13 °C) to 82 ° F (°C). Humidity: 5% to 75% no condensation.

Main material: xenon lamp, argon