Automatic Welding System

Automatic laser welder adopts manual+programming automatic dual-purpose worktable, electric focusing, 16 group precise waveform control; Suitable for mold repair, and welding all kinds of electronic products; The main advantages as follows:
(1) Electric regulate the lever of laser focus: It is convenient to regulate lever of laser rapidly through the manual button on the panel, which makes the laser focusing become simple and fast.
(2) positioning function of welding spot: It is through the red light direction to find the rough place of welding spot on the workpiece, aiming at the location of welding spot accurately by using Binocular high-magnification microscope observation.
(3) Electric regulating multiple size of scattering mirror (regulating the facula size).
(4) Manual control the movement of XY mobile worktable, optional automatic welding function of Electric control at the same time, which can realize automatic welding of products in high speed. .
(5) Integrative design, small size, compact structure, so it’s Convenient and practical.


Apply to stainless steel, gold, silver, alloy, steel, flint equivalent material welding or dissimilar material welding, widely used in the cell phone battery, sensors, medical equipment, gifts, watches, electronic devices, sensors, precision machinery, communications etc.







LS-Z-200W LS-Z-400W
Focus lens 100-150mm
Beam expander mirror 2-4times
Laser rod 7*145mm
Laser cavities 160mm gold-plated metal double light cavity
Optical benches The laser head can automatically expand, rotate, spot size is adjustable
Position Red light and cross microscope
Electronic brake With LCD light brake
Cooling water machine 1.5P 3P
Movement workbench Automatic and manual 2 d
Frame Aluminum alloy
Rotary worktable 360 degrees automatically rotating

Technology parameter:

Model LS-Z-200W LS-Z-400W
Laser work material Nd:YAG
Maximum laser power (W) 200 400
Pulse frequency (Hz) 1-100 1-500
Maximum single pulse energy (J) 90 150
Rated Power (KW) 4 6.5
Observation system microscope
Control system PLC/IPC
Laser wavelength(nm) 1064
Minimum spot size(mm) 0.2
Pulse width(ms) 0.1-20
Minimum welding molten pool(mm) 0.15
Welding wire(mm) 0.2-0.8
Welding depth (mm) 0-2.5 0-3.5
Power requirement 9KW single phase 220VAC 15% 50HZ 30A above 11KW three phase 380VAC 15% 50HZ 40A above
Working table stroke(mm) 300×200×200

Automatic laser welding machine