UV Laser Marker

Ultraviolet (UV) laser is a kind of cold light, mainly used in super precise marking and engraving, particularly suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging material marking, micro punching, glass high-speed dividing, silicon wafer complex graphics cutting, etc.
Without heat effect, the effect of laser marking and cutting is precise, smooth and steep. Except copper, 355nm UV laser could be absorbed by many materials, so it is suitable for manufacture more material type.


UV laser spec.

Laser parameter LS-UV-03W
Laser power 3W,5W
Laser wavelength 355nm
Marking area 110*110mm
Marking speed 7000mm/s
Minimum line width 0.012mm
Marking depth <0.5mm
Minimum character 0.15mm
Repetition precision ±0.003mm
Repetition frequency 10KHz-150KHz
Output Power Stability 5%
Total power 2KW
Cooling system Water cooling
Power required 220V/50Hz



  1. High quality light beam, small focal point, ultra- fine marking.
  2. High speed and high efficiency.
  3. Widely used, because most materials could absorb UV laser.
  4. Low energy consumption, environmentally friendly, no consumables.
  5. Little affect area, no heat effect, without material burned problem.


  1.  Mark on coated silicon solar panel, Remove the surface film on object:
  2.  Mark on mobile protection film, LCD screen , optic device, automobile glass etc:
  3. Suitable for most of metal and non-metal material marking or coated surface marking, ie, hardware, ceramic, lasses, clock ,PC, electronic device, PCB and control panel, nameplate and plastic material etc
  4.  PI Film(for PCB) cutting